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Why is it OK to burn Bibles, but not Korans? Why is there a double standard? Why is it politically correct to avoid offending Muslims, but not to worry about Christians?

Is Obama mentally ill?  Observers worry about his narcissism and his inability to take criticism

Do bureaucrats just sit around making up rules? How much more regulation will Americans tolerate?

Who sabotaged Iran's nukes? The Stuxnet computer virus has infected thousands of Iranian computers - but where did it come from?

Why are we squandering America's helium?  Why are the feds dumping our reserves?

Venezuelan voters turn on their socialist dictator  Hugo Chavez faces unexpected setbacks in the off-year elections

Crowds testify to Norman Rockwell's genius  A Smithsonian retrospective applauds his unique vision of America. 

Why do church kids do better in school? A review of more than 100 independent studies proves church makes a big difference.

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Blocking soldiers' votes  Liberals make sure American's fighters absentee  ballots aren't counted

Why can't we utter the name of America's foe?  Why does political correctness keep us from even admitting that we have an enemy?

North Korea's war on our currency Will millions of near-perfect, fake U.S. $100 bills destroy the value of the American dollar?

Russian propaganda on U.S. cable TV Russia brings new 24-hour news channel to America.

Why is singing the Star-Spangled Banner forbidden at the Lincoln Memorial?  Is our national anthem offensive?  Conservative high schoolers defy ban

Jimmy Carter's betrayal  Former president takes the side of terrorists over suffering Christians

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Obama breaks vow, abortion will be funded
Does this president ever keep his promises?

Is prayer now illegal on the Supreme Court steps? Police block junior high schoolers' prayer circle

Why allow a mega-mosque at NYC's Ground Zero?
Mosques built at sites of historic victories

Did voting felons give Democrats the Senate?
Did hundreds of illegal ballots do the trick?

Feds try to deport terrorist's son who helped USA Hamas founder's son prevented murders, raids

Is everyone who disagrees with Obama a racist?
Why do the liberals constantly use this old trick?

Is Obama incompetent or something far worse?
Is something seriously wrong with our President?

Did Obama confide that he's still a Muslim?
A top Egyptian official says that he did! 

Was NYC journalist a Russian spy?  Why has the media ignored this embarrassing story?

Why the sudden push for immigration reform?
Does Obama need their votes to be re-elected?

Math whiz admits he needs God's help And he just prevented a massive insurance rate hike

Commies, comics march on Washington  Alarmed by the TEA party rallies and Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor event that filled the National Mall, liberals hold their own.

To compare how Oct 2 rally did compared to Beck's "Restoring Honor" ...
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In the 1980s, did a Russian KGB defector forecast America's crisis today?  Judge for yourself after watching this video.

To watch this truly stunning interview: CLICK HERE!
Can you believe a 10-year-old did this?  "I had this idea for a slide show to encourage people," wrote Rose Bowen in an e-mail to us,  "but didn't know how to make it happen.
      "I gave the music and pictures to my ten-year-old to play with and this is what he did. I thought it turned out great. If only it was as easy for me to learn to do what these kids do intuitively!"
To see the 10-year-old's patriotic video CLICK HERE!
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Will this be Obama's 'point of no return'? Will historians cite the Mosque speech as the beginning of the end of Obama's presidency?

Liberal weapon: mockery Rather than debate the issues, liberals heap scorn on Am erica's conservative leaders such as Sarah Palin.

Should Obama lift the Cuban embargo?  Is it time to resume trade with Castro's island?

Will the GOP get rid of its conservatives, too?  The Democrats have run most of their conservatives. Will the Republicans follow?

Why did the media ignore the JournoList scandal? Liberal journalists candidly sneered at conservatives, plotted how to help Obama's campaign ... now their bosses shrug it off.

America is being tricked! The son of a famous Islamic terrorist says the U.S. is being deceived. 

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