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An incredible experience
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I just had an incredible experience. I watched 2016: Obama's America.

You will need to see it for yourself to decide the value of its message, but those in the crowd were profoundly touched. Toward the end of the movie, a couple in their 60s were yelling at the screen -- proclaiming their approval just as they would a good football game.

As the film ended, the audience stood and applauded. One man called out "More!" As we filed out, a woman was sanding in the aisle, staring up as the credits rolled. Her face was tear-stained. A friend stopped to comfort her.

A man out in the hallway was on his cellphone. He was calling friends, telling them he would pay their admission price if they would get there in time to watch the next showing.

Outside, the lobby was full.

"How was it?" called one man.

"Incredible," answered an apparent friend. "It'll change your mind."